Thakur Prasad Sao & Sons Pvt. Ltd. (TPSL)

Thakur Prasad Sao & Sons Pvt Ltd (TPSL) was founded in 1986 with an expertise of a century of mining and 15 years in DRI, Steel making and Ferro Alloys. The endeavour of expanding the steel-making capacity tenfold in 2022, TPSL needed to reinvent its brand with advertising campaigns to communicate its products to a broader audience along with its stakeholders and channel partners.

Communication Strategy

Our strategy was to redefine the mother brand in a phased manner formalising its look and feel equally across online and offline mediums to create a sustainable impact. We started off by instilling value propositions to its TMT Bar brand 'TPSL Gold' to create a clear-cut differentiation from the competition.

Website Design

We created a visually captivating website design, simplified the segmentation to encapsulate the complete story of TPSL Group which was easy to navigate. The design was kept minimalistic presenting the vision, mission and values of the group in a simple and effective manner also focussing on the key attributes of the products and manufacturing divisions.

Social Media

With a well-devised monthly content calendar we created coherent branding across social media channels like Facebook and Instagram. We also developed Digital Marketing activities to generate deeper reach and frequency while promoting each of our Brand Campaigns.

Photo & Video Shoot

Scheduled and art-directed an extensive location based photography and videography across all our offices and plants and captured some intriguing imagery and footage. At the post production level we colour-corrected and enhanced the raw shoot to produce stunning imagery.

Marketing Collateral

Devised the Brand Manual with formal guidelines, typography, colour palette and redesigned the Visiting Cards and Letterhead with the master logo to give the brand a synergistic look across mediums.

Used the shoot creative and CSR imagery in developing the Calendar and Business Planner to communicate the core values of the brand like excellence, integrity, service, sustainability, health, safety, innovation and courage.