What we do

We are an independent creative agency is home to a team of super-savvy design and website developers servicing a diverse range of sectors. We specialise in tailored creative design, intricate branding and clever advertising that will strengthen your customer relationships and help your business to thrive.

With a wealth of industry knowledge, a passion for creation and an unrivaled skillset, our designers are here to elevate the success of your business. From stunning corporate branding design and eye-catching printed matter to aesthetic, functional websites & ecommerce solutions, you can count on ATC to propel your business forward.

Brand Strategy

Brand Story Your conversation with the customer, at various touch points creating the connect and recall differentiating your brand from the competition.

Brand DNA The essence of your identity as a business and creating the brand's core value.

Brand Positioning A well-devised, tailored plan on how our brand is perceived by the customer to create a lasting presence in the category.

Brand Values and Tone of Voice The do's and dont's of the brand communication setting the boundaries of using the brand assets.

Target Audience Talking to the people who will love our product, service or idea the most.

Competitive Analysis Analyze similar products, services and ideas to differentiate completely or partially so as to create your own brand space.

Brand Identity Creation

Brand Name A synergistic nomenclature devised in such a way that is intrinsic to the values and entwined within the category.

Logo The face of your brand depicting what you stand for keeping reproduction viability across mediums intact.

Tagline The flavour of your brand put forth in a simple and memorable way.

Colour Pallette Primary, secondary and tertiary colors, the subconscious recall factor carefully chosen, analyzing the competition, as it creates a huge impact in reproduction and printing costs and extendability across mediums.

Typography Main and supporting fonts chosen to give the brand a synergistic look across mediums.

Brand Assets Textures / Patterns / Icons / Graphic Elements / Illustrations which the brand owns, clearly differentiating it from the competition.

Brand Manual A comprehensive booklet with the entire brand communication guidelines

Packaging Label/Packet Design and Branding as per your.

POP/POS Danglers / Posters / Streamers / Dealer Boards.

Outdoors Billboards / Flex / Banner / Road Medians / Kiosks / Standees / Pole Branding etc.

Social Media Communication Design Main Template creation and regular post creation from calendar

Website, Software & App Design / Development

E-Commerce/Content Website Built on whatever platform you're most comfortable with.

Interactive Sitemap Available during development for trialling.

UI/UX Design Custom UX design realisation to optimise site flow and usage built with HTML/CSS coding.

Testing Functionality testing of the site across a variety of browsers and devices.

Launch Deployment of the site on your desired date/time.

Training Thorough training on usage of the site including uploading and maintenance of products/content.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Strategy Overarching strategy, messaging, guidelines and templates.

Email Marketing Automated email design, copywriting and development.